Building a leading Latin American producer of Premium Quality Cannabis 


The global medical cannabis market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.3% during 2021-2026, to ~USD$105bn. Increasing legalization and use of cannabis in medical as well as recreational applications are expected to promote this growth.

Growing adoption of cannabis as a pharmaceutical product for treating severe medical conditions, such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and other neurological conditions is anticipated to drive demand for medical cannabis in the forthcoming years. Increasing need for pain management therapies and growing disease burden of chronic pain among elders is also expected to boost demand.



High-Potential Platform

  • Low cost of dried flower (<6c cost/gram; Colombia)

  • Diversified, high-margin revenue streams (dried flower, medicinal products, edibles, isolates & oils)

  • Pipeline of acquisition targets & relationships

Reduced Operational Risk

  • Rigorous, transparent governance model

  • Execution, construction, operating expertise

  • Large scale cultivation & extraction know-how

Disruptive Innovation

  • Numerous potentially patentable formulations

  • Advancements in ingestion methods

  • Developing target, high-resin genetic strains


The trajectory of far-reaching legalisation is seeing Colombia becoming a leader in the global market due to the edge it has over developed countries. The key commercial advantages of Colombia, in terms of cannabis cultivation, production, processing and distribution, are the low cost of labour and favourable climate conditions. Power consumption related to indoor cultivation is a huge disadvantage to countries looking to compete with Colombia which, on average, have a robust outdoor growing season. Additionally, the low cost of labour and less strict business regulations allow lower expenses.

Ideal Growing Conditions 

  • Hundreds of recognised cannabis strains in their natural habitat

  • Equatorial climate with 365 constant daily light cycle

  • 21 million hectares of land suitable for agricultural expansion

  • Six cents average production cost for one gram of dried cannabis



ColGreen is an Australian Company built to disrupt the Cannabis Industry through its 'Seed to Pharmacy' Strategy. 

With strategically positioned operations based in Colombia, the Company is aiming to deliver cost-effective, high-quality, standardized Cannabis products.